Transbalkanica was conceived a few years ago by conductor and composer Marcel Stefanet. He chose the players, wrote the music and coordinated the entire scheme. This is how the Transbalkanica album started to take shape. The album includes 13 songs (14 tracks) taking the listener on a cruise through environments as diverse as gorgeous rural Moldavia and the bustling metropolis, to inspire unexpected nostalgia and unanticipated joy.

Transbalkanica is the most ample musical project launched by MediaPro Music in the Romanian music market. Transbalkanica is not a band and it is hardly an orchestra. It is a concept. One cannot speak of Transbalkanica before having listened, lived, and breathed in their music. You will discover the most fascinating and alluring mixture of Romanian folklore and electronic music, what the „initiated” would call fusion or lounge.
Why the name Transbalkanica? It’s easy: the musical show of violins, percussion and unconventional instruments played by a fifteen-virtuoso orchestra simply did not admit of a different name. Transbalkanica is „music replete with delicate nuances, hovering over an immense array of styles and traditions carried by dozens of wings”, a project aiming at no less than a break with the current trends on Romania’s music market.

Marcel Stefanet, the man behind Transbalkanica, is one of the best known and most respected conductors and composers in the Republic of Moldova. He started the project for love of music, and nothing else.

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